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Artwork Guidelines, Requirements + Resources


Branded Merchandise starts with a great product and is finished off with great Artwork + Design. Below you will find acceptable file formats, specifications, and general information. Contact us with any additional questions!


Acceptable File Storage

  • Cloud/FTP Upload

  • USB/Flash Drive

  • CD ROM



Acceptable Software

  • Adobe Illustrator (Preferred)

  • Adobe Photoshop (Preferred)

  • Adobe InDesign

  • Corel Draw


Note: Submitting artwork in other formats such as Adobe Pagemaker, QuarkXpress, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft PowerPoint is not suggested. There may be additional charges when submitting artwork in these formats.


Important: Vector artwork is the preferred format for all artwork. If you do not have your artwork in vector format and will be submitting raster based artwork, please make sure that your file is at least 300 DPI and sized at the actual size that it will be printed.


Vector Art vs. Raster Art: Click Here

Pantone Color System: Click Here

Madiera Thread Colors: Click Here


Submitting via Email

Click Here to email your artwork

Creative Services Request

Click Here to request creative services.


Have larger files, in excess of 10mb, please compress files with a file compression program such as WINZIP (PC) or Stuffit (MAC) in order to compress and protect your files in transit.


Be sure to include:

  • Compression Type

  • File Type

  • Single or Multiple File Email

  • Imprint Colors. Include PMS #’s for Spot colors or request, 4/C process or Digital imprint.

  • Please provide a color printout and/or jpeg for reference with all orders.


File Size still too large to email? 

Upload your art via our WeTransfer System


If your file size is still too large to email after you have compressed it/them, please consider using the API WeTransfer artwork upload service. In order to use this service.



Please contact our Art Department, with any additional questions regarding your artwork.

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