Executive Team

Built on the values and foundation of family. Grown on the work ethic, skill, and creativity of our valued team members. Our executive team provides the mission and direction for which we grow.
Cindy Brown
President & CEO

Fresh from the University of Maryland, armed with a degree in Accounting, Cindy began her career with API in the Finance Department as an accounting manager. Quickly working her way up the ranks, she took on the title of CFO before taking the helm as President & CEO in August of 2008.

Cindy's ability to provide a sound structure and organization, on top of her superior taste in footwear have proven an inspiration to the entire team.

Cindy is also fond of hugs instead of handshakes and smiling is her favorite.

David Brown
Executive Vice President

David had dreams of becoming an actor turned Ninja, turned Screen Printing Guru. Two out of three is not bad, but if we ever decide to produce a promo commercial we know we already have it cast.


David overseas one of the largest screen printing and embroidery production facilities on the east coast. Some of his handy work can be seen in our client's backs such as Under Armour, Disney, and Major League Baseball.

C. Michael Brown
Executive Vice President

No matter what city, state, or country that you find yourself, Mike Brown will know exactly where the best meal is to be found. From BBQ to Filet, from D.C. to Hong Kong, he will always know where to satisfy your palate.


Mike is also pretty good at talking to people. If you have a problem, he will craft a solution that works for you. His experience and industry knowledge has been key to building our client base.


MIke also enjoys kittens and other cuddly animals.

Kerry Nobis
Director | Marketing & Creative

Straight outta Crofton, Kerry is hardcore when it comes to making things happen and connecting the dots. When he is not running around with other men playing with big sticks....on the lacrosse field, Kerry oversees the Creative, Marketing, and Business Development Inititatives of API.


In Kerry's spare time, he tries to be more like David Brown.

"If you want to build a ship, don't drum up the men to gather wood, divide the work, and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea."

Antoine de Saint-Exupery, French Poet

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