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“Sometimes we must choose between what is RIGHT and what is EASY.” 

~ Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter Books Series by JK Rowling



Social Responsibility and Fair Labor is an integral focus on daily lives and the operation of API. It always has been and always will be. While the burden for safety, Fair Labor, and Social Compliance often falls on the branded merchandise distributor, manufacturer, or supplier to confirm that federal laws are being followed appropriately, API will always go the extra mile to make sure that we are in check. APISOURCE is FLA (Fair Labor Association) certified. Through diligence, APISOURCE will make sure that this burden is satisfied on behalf of our clients and end-users.


Our products and services are produced using a combination of overseas and domestic manufacturers or suppliers. Our first priority is to source products made and decorated domestically in the US. Currently, 90% (approx.) of the apparel featured in our programs are decorated domestically, just outside of Washington, DC in the API production facility in Lanham, Maryland.  This facility is FLA Certified and uses garments from suppliers that fall into this category. A good amount of our garments are USA Made or Imported from Honduras. When products are not available from domestic sources, we look to our trusted supplier network that is QC Accredited for the majority of our product line.  While these suppliers do procure products manufactured in China, by the nature of the QC Accreditation, the highest levels of safety & social compliance are met.  You can learn more about QC Alliance, the accredited Suppliers, and how the QC Alliance protects Human Rights at their website: http://www.qcalliance.org


Sustainability is also of utmost importantance to the APISOURCE family. We are always evoloving in this area and will continue to do so to help ensure that we are able to our children with a better world that what we were given ourselves.  


To do so, API actively participates in recycling programs and are taking steps in moving towards becoming a Greener Workplace everyday.


  • Paper Products:

    • All paper/cardboard waste is discarded in proper recycling receptacles in preparation for transit to a recycling plant.

    • Boxes are recycled in our own manufacturing facility by being used multiple times.

    • Paper products are purchased from FSC certified suppliers when possible. Recycled products are used.

    • API is making great strides in becoming a “Paperless Office” by investing in a robust computer network, thus cutting down on the need for hardcopy pages for files and overall day-to-day use.

  • Aluminum & Plastic:

    • All aluminum and plastic waste is discarded in proper recycling receptacles in preparation for transit to a recycling plant.

  • Computer Products:

    • All laser and ink jet cartridges are recycled.

    • All older computers and networking materials are recycled.

  • Production Materials:

    • Silk screen materials are “reclaimed” and reused.

    • Used film is recycled.

    • Water based ECO friendly inks are utilized in screen printing and DTG Printing.